Thursday, December 26, 2019

First Snow

Although there were some snow flurries in early November and a dusting a week or so later, the first time we had what most of us would call a real snowfall was in the pre-dawn darkness a few days before Thanksgiving. It still wasn’t much, with only about an inch and a half of heavy, wet white stuff on the ground. Still, it was enough to prompt a neighbor to clear his driveway – despite the forecast of 45°F late in the afternoon.

There will be plenty of chances to wield shovel and snowblower in the coming weeks so I headed to the Big Woods to enjoy what might best be called a winter wonderland – in spite of the fact that it was still fall.

During the short drive to my usual parking place the trees on surrounding hillsides were coated with snow –

From there I walked an old road into the forest –

That old road passes a line of sugar maples that, over 100 years ago, shaded a one-room school where the local children received their education. The building is long gone, but the sugar maples remain –

Further along, the road swings close to the stream that drains the valley; the rocks in the stream had a topping of new fallen snow –

From there I left the road and walked into the forest –

Where the few leaves still hanging from maple twigs also bore a layer of snow –

Small American beech hold their leaves long into the winter and bear a heavy burden whenever a wet, sticky snow falls –

Speaking of beech, a contorted beech sapling provided a change of view from the otherwise straight trees –

Back along the stream I went, enjoying the sound of the flowing water and the snow covered logs and rocks –

Time to head for home, passing a picturesque small hemlock –

And an American hornbeam along the way –

Yes, by late afternoon almost all the snow had melted and the next day there was none.


The Furry Gnome said...

Wonderful winter wonderland. There's just something about a road disappearing into the woods that demands exploration!

Lady Fi said...

Gorgeous snow shots!

Barbara Rogers said...

The beauty of first snow in the woods is magnified by its fragility and lack of endurance...and you were able to capture it in excellent fashion here! Thanks. (We haven't had our first snowfall yet.)

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Such breathtaking beauty! And all too fleeting these days. Where I live in northern NY State, all our snow has been washed away by rain and our lakes are not yet frozen enough to fish on. Sigh! If we gotta live through winter, please let it be REAL winter! Your photos are spectacular!