Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Didn't Make the Cut

For the past year I'd been making what I considered a good or at least interesting photograph each day within 200 feet of our back door. The results were posted by the meteorological seasons here, here, here and here.

On many days I took multiple photos, sometimes a burst of several images of one subject, sometimes photos of different subjects. Many of those, for one reason or another, weren’t included in the earlier posts. Just as some athletes aren’t good enough to make the team and are referred to as not having “made the cut”, the same can be said of photos that just aren’t good enough – here are a few of the many photos that didn’t make the cut – 


Although I didn’t think these photos were good enough or interesting enough to make the cut, I enjoyed making them and I hope you've enjoyed seeing at them.

How many more subjects or how many other photographs could have been taken within 200 feet of our back door I’ll never know, but the number probably approaches the uncountable.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Snow Day

Our first sticking snow arrived early in December, 50 years ago we usually had a sticking snow two to three weeks earlier – climate change is upon us. Snow was falling as I headed out to run some errands, here's some of what there was to see on that snowy day –

And a mockingbird that slaked its thirst by eating snow from the branch on which it was perched –

The next day the temperature rose into the high 40s and all the snow melted.