Thursday, December 6, 2018

Circle of the Seasons - Fall

Seasons change gradually over weeks, so early signs of fall are often apparent in mid-August as warblers disappear from our woodlands and some trees show early color – yet summer hangs on in a few hot and humid days and the continuing bloom of summer flowers.

For leaf peepers and hunters fall may be the best season of all; for those of us who dislike hot weather the cooler days of fall are a real pleasure; fall is a joy but also brings some sadness as plants shrivel and die, the landscape turns into a palette of browns and grays, and another year fades from our all too short lives.

The Circle of the Seasons continues with one photograph from each day of the meteorological season; a few of the photos are from my camera traps, those are listed at the end of the post. Small or large, there's always something interesting and/or beautiful to see in the natural world. 


Fall draws to a close as the days become ever shorter, temperatures continue to fall, ice skims the waters and occasional snow falls. Now comes the quiet season as winter begins.

Camera trap photos - 9/28, 10/24, 11/27 & 11/30