Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Waterfall Tour - Part I

We took a trip north during which I had a chance to visit some waterfalls. Now I’m a sucker for waterfalls, seldom passing up a chance to view and photograph a nice waterfall and repeatedly visiting some that I’ve been to before.

On a misty, rainy day we visited the first of two streams that I’ve never seen before, both of which have nice waterfalls. The streams and falls will remain nameless since both areas already receive quite a bit of use and are showing signs of that impact.

Day one was a walk on a trail that began life as an old road portions of which have recently received a topping of crushed stone and improved drainage –

The trail follows a stream with a series of beautiful cascades. How do you  differentiate between a cascade and a waterfall? I have my own criteria, yours may differ, it's very subjective on this stream –

Until we come to the first waterfall –

Past that waterfall there’s another –

And then another –

Finally the water drops over a low ledge –

Above which the stream takes on a more northerly appearance with spruce and fir and a bit of fall color –

As you can tell by its tea-like color, this stream originates in a large wetland where the decaying vegetation colors the water.

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Marcia said...

It's lovely. Your leaves are not as far along as ours here in NH. Hoping we will see more color when we visit Eagle's Mere next week.