Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Looking Beyond 80 – the third three months

Four times I’ve undertaken a project to take a good or interesting photograph each day for a year, this time as a personal celebration of turning 80. In this post are photographs from each and every day of the third three months of my 81st year.

Fifty-two of those years were spent managing natural resources and for most of those years I carried a camera in forest and field. But I became a naturalist long before beginning a career in natural resources. My parents introduced me to the wonders of nature, and a fascination with the natural world has continued ever since.

During my high school years I began taking landscape photos with my father’s camera and then, while I was in college, bought my first 35 millimeter camera. My focus during those years was landscapes, including waterfalls and picturesque trees. A few years later I began concentrating on wildlife of all kinds and sizes and amassed a collection of 35mm slides. Shortly after good digital cameras became available I used my last roll of film.

And so here we are, continuing this collection of daily photographs that began last August 3rd, my 80th birthday. The photographs from the first and second three month periods were posted here and here



















Thus the third three month period of my 81st year on this green earth comes to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my photographs as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them


Barbara Rogers said...

What a great idea! I tend to have spurts of photos...more if I'm walking around a special site. But 80 is coming up in Aug. and I may try a photo a day. After all, it couldn't be so hard to do. I'm not able to look at all 3 months worth of your post today...just enjoyed Feb. I'll come back for the other 2 months later. It gives me something to look forward to!

Marcia said...

You have some amazing close up photos! The spider was really startling and scary looking. The great horned owl on its nest! Thank you for the nature walk at all levels of the natural world.

Patricia said...

Hi Woody,
I’ll be 82 coming up on June 23rd this year. I’m finishing out my 82nd but regret I did not take more pictures as you have done. I really enjoyed these wonderful photos, the detail is amazing. I particularly enjoyed the Canadian goose covered with snow sleeping! Nothing I enjoy more than time spent in nature nearby, I live close to the Charles River in the suburb, Dedham.
Forest and Field would be a lovely
Book with your photos and I’m sure you have lots of stories to share too.
Thank so much,

Uta Zickfeld said...

Living in Conn. for most of my life I always enjoyed nature like you do. Now living in Tenn., and being older, I don't get to see so much anymore. I now try to grow a lot of wildflowers and feed the birds. Love all your pictures.

Barbara Rogers said...

I finished looking at all these photos today! These are so beautiful! I loved the dear fragile wildflowers. Thanks!

Kim S. said...

Wow and wow! That jumping spider photo was jaw-dropper. I studied it for quite awhile. Fantastic images all. Thank you. Made my day, Woody. Kim in PA

eileeninmd said...


Your nature photos are always amazing. Wonderful captures of the wildlife, flowers and plants. I loved your post, it is too hard to pick a favorite. I loved them all. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend.

Anu said...

Hello. Great sightings and huge photos.
Thank you. Take care.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You amaze me! And it's wonderful to get to see what you see! Thanks for the delightful photos. I couldn't choose a favorite but I do love the Woodchuck...what a cutie!

Shiju Sugunan said...

Most fabulous images. Well done!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Folks like you, who have eyes to see the wonders that surround us, have very interesting lives. Thank you for this marvelous record of so many amazing encounters. And Happy Birthday. I turn 80 next week, and I feel very grateful to still be able to wander the woods and waterways.