Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Looking Beyond 80 – the first three months

My 80th birthday was last August 3; H’s sister and her husband came for lunch and our daughter came to visit. The day before we’d returned from a trip to our son and daughter-in-law’s place as their daughter got ready to leave for college. 

During that period of rapidly increasing cases of COVID-19 we were all vaccinated and had been in the spring as soon as the vaccine was available - if only others had done the same. 

In the morning, before our guests came for the quiet celebration, I'd walked three and a half miles in the Big Woods taking photographs of insects, streams, flowers, fungi and deer. That walk produced the first image for the fourth “the best photo of the day for a year” series. The earlier three series can be seen on In Forest and Field.

Here are the photos from the first three months of my 81st year on this green earth.


And so another three months pass, day by day; months like most months, chock full of interesting things to be seen in the natural world - for anyone who cares to look.


  1. What a fun collection of critters and sights to delight. I'm almost a year behind you, having just started my 80th year Aug 23. Right now I'm dealing with mystery disease, and reading books and staying inside. Hope to go out again soon!

  2. Fabulous! So many images are swoon-worthy. Very glad you're out and about rain or shine. Good walking legs - 3.5 miles of wooded walking is admirable - and sharp eyes at 80 are good news. Nice work, Woody. Thanks for sharing. The various fungi are fascinating. Kim in PA

  3. Oh, so many really fine photos! Your macros allow us to see things we usually miss, too. I was especially amused by the dancing woolly aphids waggling their fuzzy butts.

  4. Beautiful photos Woody! I hope you're enjoying your 81st year! :) When I saw your lightening photo, it brought me back to the days where I tried my best to photograph lightening...never really succeeded...I must try again! :) I think it's a matter of READING the camera manual...which is not one of my strong points!! I'm lazy and use the auto mode way too much.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! What a wonderful post, so many beautiful nature photos. I loved them all. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  6. For anyone who cares to look....I saw this all the time. I see people walking in our neighborhood when the forest trails are so nearby and they don't go out in nature. I'm glad you had a happy birthday and I'm very glad you share so many amazing nature photos. I would have a hard time keeping up with you! But I'm not that far behind you! heehee! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. These are amazing captures! Happy birthday!

    My latest post:

  8. You take very good photos! Thanks for sharing!


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