Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Fight! Fight!

It was a beautiful morning, blue sky, no wind, warm for March and with Spring in the air. The surface of the pond was like a sheet of glass, the only ripples caused by the slowly swimming waterfowl. Those waterfowl were five or six pairs of Canada geese distributed around the edges and two pairs of ring-necked ducks. On the far shore a great blue heron slowly stalked along searching for small fish.

The geese had complained long and loud as I settled into my folding chair and arranged a sniper’s veil as a flimsy temporary blind. After a while they quieted down and resumed doing goose things. Not much happened for quite some time, but any morning like this is a good morning. After a while the sun moved far enough in its arc across the sky that I was looking almost directly into its brightness – not good for photography – and it was just about time to leave.

But wait, there was honking in the air as pair of Canada geese flew in and settled on the water. With that another great clamor arose among the geese. I don’t understand goose, but there must have been some harsh honks exchanged.

The recently arrived gander repeatedly took a beakful of water and shook his head side to side releasing a spray of water. Apparently the male of the nearest pair accepted the challenge and came on with a rush –


The melee lasted less than 15 seconds before the interloper retreated a few feet and peace was restored to the pond.


  1. Hello,
    Wow, the geese looked to be battling. Maybe one was competition for a female.
    Great video and photo. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great Easter weekend.

  2. Sounds like typical Canada Goose behavior in the spring.

  3. What a fight!
    I guess this also is "doing goose things".


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