Wednesday, November 25, 2020

It's Turkey Day !

It is time now to sing of my gratitude: For legs and hills and trees and seasons … and for all the roads I walked on, for the hills I climbed and descended, for trees and grass and sky.”                                                                                                                            Andre DuBus

It’s Thanksgiving for those of us who live in the United States, a day to be grateful for all we have and remember that not everyone is so fortunate. With COVID-19 raging throughout the country 2020 has been a terrible year for many people, those of us who still have our health and our homes and our income should be especially thankful.

We won’t be joining family and friends for Thanksgiving, some of us have risk factors of age or health, or live in states that require a quarantine, or have jobs that would require quarantine. But we’ll still enjoy turkey and squash, stuffing and gravy, fresh baked rolls and apple cider. While some may enjoy ham on Thanksgiving as part of the tradition of butchering hogs in the fall, far more families, ours included, enjoy turkey on that day.

Turkeys are birds of the Western Hemisphere. Early European explorers found that Native Americans had domestic turkeys and sent some back to the old country where their meat quickly gained favor.

So here we are, in the native range of the wild turkey, seeing them in forest and field and enjoying their meat (domestic or wild)


Hopefully you’ll have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day and remember to be thankful for all you have.


The Furry Gnome said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Hope you don't get sent out to catch the turkey yourself!

Kim S. said...

Hi "Woody!" Thoroughly enjoying your blog. And am gobsmacked by your photos and clear explanations. This blog is truly a learning adventure and your writing style is a joy. Thank you for your time and talent. Also, thank you for being a long distance consultant and ahelping Matt ID the tree in NW PA recently! Kim in PA

eileeninmd said...


Great collection of Turkey photos. The little one is adorable. Yes, I enjoy a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

Martha said...

What beautiful captures of the turkeys. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving :)

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Nice pics of the turkeys! I really like the last pic showing the blue around the eye.

Rain said...

Happy Thanksgiving Woody! Enjoy your meal. :) The photos are really nice!