Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Hole

One evening last September the camera trap at what has been my favorite location took several photographs of an eastern coyote. In one of those photos the coyote was urinating in the center of the small opening in the forest where the camera trap is located –

During the following months deer and bear were occasionally photographed smelling the area –

And so it went until early May when a woodchuck was photographed at the spot. After five years this is the first time the camera trap at this location has ever photographed a woodchuck –

A few days later a porcupine was also photographed there –

It was in these two photographs that a small hole was beginning to appear. The spot was really attracting mammals, including gray squirrels and the cottontail rabbits that spent a lot of time in and around the hole -
The camera also photographed a  bobcat squatting over the hole –

The woodchuck returned frequently, as did the porcupine, and the hole became wider and deeper –

White-tailed deer continued to stop and smell the hole –

In July the hole attracted a black bear that spent over five minutes there; the camera took 19 photographs before the bear walked past the camera –

Although only the coyote and bobcat were photographed urinating at the spot, it may well be that other animals did the same. Porcupines are well known for being attracted to salty substances, including urine, as are many other animals from deer to woodchucks, so the hole may continue luring visitors and growing in size.


  1. Really nice photos! Very interesting. They all seemed to love something about that spot.

  2. Wonderful camera trap photos! Such a wide variety of fascinating animals visiting that spot!

  3. Hello, I love all the critters. There must be something great about that hole or one spot. Great sequence of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and week ahead!


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