Thursday, January 2, 2014

Got It

Those of us who use camera traps are always excited when we get a photograph of something new or unusual. Very occasionally there’s a photo of a predator carrying prey. 
The camera traps behind our house usually have quite a few photos of gray fox passing by on their way to hunt the small rodents that feed on waste birdseed beneath the feeders closer to the house. And, since gray fox aren’t too picky, they too may feed on the waste seed.  
Today when I checked the camera traps, one of them had a picture of a fox in the act of catching prey.

Then came a photo of the fox carrying a prey item. Unfortunately, the photo isn’t sharp enough to clearly show what the prey was.

The pictures are from January 1, and the first I’ve ever gotten on a camera trap of an act of predation – great way to start another year of photographing wildlife.

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