Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Hole in Summer

If you're a regular visitor to In Forest and Field, you may recall previous posts in which a shallow hole appeared in the clearing where one of my camera traps has been mounted on a tree for several years. When the camera was first put in place there was no depression in this open spot in a long-abandoned field now reverted to forest. In 2017 a depression developed, which has since become a hole.

The hole began after an eastern coyote urinated in the center of the clearing and other mammals were apparently attracted to the odor and began to do the same. What was originally a depression merely an inch or so deep has now become a hole about 6-8 inches deep and more than a foot in diameter. The camera has occasionally captured photos or videos of active digging, every little bit has added up to a substantial pit.

Visit these posts to see earlier activity at the hole – here and here.

How deep will it go? Only the future will tell.


  1. How interesting. I have a critter cam but I don't get many visitors to our float cabin deck. - Margy

  2. Hello,

    Fantastic critter video, I love the bears, deer and the bobcat. Cool critters. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Hello. Great video. What a huge number of different animals visit the same place.

  4. Interesting. Only the nose knows.

  5. That's an interesting story about how the hole developed. I enjoyed the video too and the music selection.

  6. How interesting, that all these different animals find that spot so worthy of their attention! Thanks for documenting this.


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