Thursday, July 11, 2019

On the Log Again

Last week's post had some videos that one of my camera traps had taken throughout the month of June at a beaver pond. One of those videos was of a great blue heron walking on a log in front of the camera.

That great blue heron frequents the beaver pond and became the star of a number of additional videos. For some odd reason, watching the heron's trips on the log reminded us of Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again", hence the title. Here’s a compilation of the best of the videos that starred the heron in its breeding finery –

It was interesting to see how seemingly cautious the heron was about stepping off the log, but with those spindly legs it pays to be cautious.

The plan is to leave the camera at the beaver pond throughout the summer we'll see what the future holds.


  1. It became a habit for that heron.

  2. Hello,

    Great captures of the GB Heron. It does look like a nice habitat, I saw lots of dragonflies going by too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. It does appear that he's claimed that log for his own! Love watching him walk! Happy weekend!

  4. It is a fine video and depicts the behaviour of a Great Blue Heron so well. The log has become like a stage in a theatre, like a prop for the heron almost. It will be very interesting to see what else your camera picks up.


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