Thursday, September 13, 2018

Little Foxes on the Hillside

For as long as camera traps have been on the hill above the house those camera traps have captured photographs of the foxes that have had their territories on the hill. Photographs of gray fox vastly outnumbered those of red fox for a number of years, perhaps because the red fox were dispersing youngsters that found this area unworthy of becoming part of their territories.

The cameras have photographed gray fox in all seasons:

Winter –

Spring –

Summer when the fox is obscured by tall grasses –

And when their molt makes them look pretty grungy –

On rare occasions there have been two animals –

And even more rarely, when one is carrying a meal –

Red fox are beginning to appear on camera more regularly, perhaps a pair has established their territory in the area, and it’s a treat to find their images on a camera’s memory card –

Both species have appeared in the infra-red videos taken by other camera traps on the hill. Even in the rather poor black and white videos it's easy to distinguish the two species, the gray fox by the dark stripe on the top of its tail and the red fox by its longer legs and more flowing tail –

We enjoy having the foxes for neighbors even though we’ve rarely seen them.


  1. Now I have the tune, 'Little Boxes On The Hillside' playing in my brain. Woody, I live in rural eastern Ontario, which isn't that far north of you but although we have red foxes, I've never seen or heard of the gray species in my area. Another wonder post!

  2. Hello, the fox are beautiful critters. Great collection of photos.
    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. I have always loved foxes and your photos and video are wonderful! Glad you have both kinds. They seem to have the personalities of both cats and dogs, which makes them fascinating, wonderful creatures! When my Dad was alive, he was raised fox hunting from an early age. I also have a soft place in my heart for Walker hounds because they were never treated as pets and I always felt sorry for all of Dad's dogs never getting much attention. But, when we kids learned that if the dogs caught the fox they would tear it apart, we were horrified, and always rooted for the fox to get away! I think they did most of the time, as they are clever creatures! Dad and his friends just liked to hear the dogs baying in the night, and know which one was out front while they sat around the campfire with their coffee. Dad, given this bonding experience with other males and doing it all his life, never thought about the more horrific side of the sport, I guess, so I don't blame him. But, it left me with a real love for foxes, too.

  4. Hello, great shots and videos. In Finland we have the red fox only.
    It was nice to see the grey fox!

  5. Foxes are such beautiful creatures, but we only get brief glimpses of them as they elude us in the wild. How wonderful that your camera has captured their images.


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