Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Day of Yellows

It’s close to mid-summer the time of almost constant sunshine interrupted by a few rainy days. On one of those many sunny days I walked through overgrown fields that were occasionally broken by wooded areas of various acreages and a small stream.

On that sunny day there was an abundance of yellows: yellow flowers and yellow creatures. Along an old road black-eyed susans bloomed in abundance –

And there were butterflies, mostly common sulfurs –

There were many other yellow flowers too: common mullein –

Yellow sweet clover –

And wild parsnip –

As well as that escaped agricultural plant, birdfoot trefoil –

A yellow bird of open country is the American goldfinch, here a male –

The stream had been dammed by beavers; the pond had large patches of emergent yellow flowers –

that proved to be those of greater bladderwort –

That pond was also the origin of two dragonflies with yellow abdominal spots that resembled each other but were actually females of two different species: holloween pennant –

And calico pennant –

The painted turtle that was near the pond might have been black on top, but its plastron was yellow –

The day’s final yellow was the center of the abundant flowers of daisy fleabane –

Unfortunately, the sunset that day wasn't yellow, just gray.


The Furry Gnome said...

Lots of yellows around here these days too, mostly the same flowers.

Christina said...

Yellow is one of my favourite colours. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. The goldfinches here in Britain look quite different, yours looks much more golden than ours.

Sandra said...

Wonderful captures of nature!