Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Beneath the Ledge" is Finished

The most reliable spot for my camera traps to capture photographs of bobcats was beneath the ledge of a rock outcrop on the edge of a plateau. That location produced a number of very nice photos, some of which were featured in earlier posts: here and here, but some were never posted and there were more recent pictures too, here are some - 

The original plan was to keep the camera there indefinitely, but last year in mid-April the camera trap caught photos of two people clambering down over the ledge, fortunately the people hadn’t seen the camera trap

So I removed the camera trap for about six weeks just in case. After that hiatus, the camera trap went back and it’s been in place ever since, capturing interesting photographs of whatever came by.

In late April when I checked the camera trap it had obviously been moved a bit, perhaps a curious bear had been rough on it as they sometime are. The memory card had two photos of a bobcat –

And then a photograph of three people’s legs

The next photographs (taken three days after that of the legs) were taken as the camera trap was moved and one included part of a person’s face. So, it wasn’t a bear – it was a human that moved the camera trap.

The camera trap was secured to a large fallen slab of rock with a cable lock which may (probably?) have kept it from disappearing. Camera traps are often stolen and unsecured camera traps are an open invitation to thieves - which is why mine are always secured with a lock. Needless to say, I moved it to a new spot and it will never go back beneath that ledge. Thus ends the series of posts from Beneath the Ledge.

The new location has already proven productive, with a series of photos of a young porcupine –

We'll see what the new location yields.


  1. Wonderful captures in your trap!
    I always wonder about people and finding cameras. So glad yours was changed and remained there for your move.

  2. Fascinating photos of nature's critters ~ glad people didn't take the camera ~ you get wonderful shots ~ thanks,

    Happy Mother's Day ~ ^_^

  3. Hello, awesome captures from the wildlife cam. I like the bobcat and the porcupine! I was away for two weeks and I am so sorry to be late commenting and visiting your post. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Sometimes, our own plans aren't the best and we are nudged by circumstances for better things. It looks like it was time to move and I hope you get great shots!

  5. That camera takes some very nice photos!
    I really like this post and I'm going to follow your links to previous posts.


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