Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Round of the Year - Summer

Last spring I saw a photo essay by a renowned nature photographer in which he presented a photograph he’d taken each day of the spring. The subjects varied from things as small as an insect to expansive landscapes. 

The photo essay prompted me to try the same type of project, it was too late for me to start with the first day of spring, so this post is my collection of summer photos, one per day.

My plan is to continue throughout the seasons until I’ve gone all the way around the year.

Since I’m seldom (some would say never) without a camera, it was no great effort to carry a camera wherever I went. Of all the photos I took each day (the number varies greatly, from only a handful to several hundred) these are the “best” or most interesting or just the ones I like the most.

Almost all were taken with one of my Canon cameras, although among the group there are a few from my various camera traps, built with used digital point-and-shoot cameras. All of the photos have been significantly compressed for posting on the blog and are well below the quality of the originals.

Hopefully, this post will encourage readers to get out in forest and field and look, look, look – at things large and small. There’s always something beautiful or interesting (or both) to be seen – and remembered.

Now summer is done, fall is about to begin: flowers will gradually fade away but trees and shrubs will burst into color before their leaves turn brown and drop to the ground; insects, amphibians and reptiles will enter winter torpor as will woodchucks and black bears and jumping mice; by the end of fall snow will have fallen and the world of forest and field will look much different than it does now, at the autumnal equinox.  

Photos from the camera traps -- 6/21, 6/27 and 7/24


  1. Looks like you had an excellent summer! It's always interesting to compare what your Pennsylvanian nature is like as opposed to here in Illinois.

  2. What a spectacular and inspiring set of pictures! I'm very impressed! Somehow the Tamarack needles struck me as I passed that photo. You captured the light on them perfectly. You should be writing farmore blog posts if you have photos like these to share!

  3. What a great summer. Some awesome photos there!

  4. Hello, amazing collection of photos. What a great summer. You had many wonderful wildlife sightings. Some are new to me like the Hag moth caterpillar. Great post!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Good collection. I should work on photography and ID'ing more large insects!


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