Wednesday, March 11, 2015

End Of Winter?

The last few weeks have been fairly cold, this week it’s much, much warmer, feels like spring and the snow’s melting rapidly. The ice in the locks on my camera traps has thawed so it was time to check what they’d caught after I’d not checked them for a month.

The camera traps above the house usually get a lot of photos of raccoons and opossums – this time they didn’t have any. In cold weather both species tend to stay holed-up in sheltered spots.

But, the camera traps had gotten quite a few photographs of deer, gray fox and crows.

Because the weather had been cold, the snow was light and fluffy for most of the month. The gray fox was light enough that it didn’t sink into the snow –
But the deer did –

Among the deer that appeared in front of the cameras was the injured buck, with evidence of the injury showing on the inside of his left leg –

And a buck that still carried his antlers on March 2nd, much later than white-tail bucks usually carry their antlers in our area

In one photo a fawn born last spring appeared to be still interested in nursing –

With a forecast of daytime temperatures above 40°F for the next week the snow will be melting rapidly; winter weather may be over and spring on its way.  


Patti said...

Wow! What gorgeous photos you've captured. Thanks for sharing.

ladyfi said...

Wow -- those cameras have captured some lovely wildlife!

Honest Abe Lincoln said...

Beautiful photography.

eileeninmd said...

Great captures of the wildlife critters! Happy weekend,