Saturday, November 8, 2014

Limpy's Gone

One hunter has a trophy – and all of Pennsylvania’s wildlife watchers and photographers have lost. On the second day of Pennsylvania’s annual elk hunt Limpy, one of the least wary of the elk herd’s big bulls, was killed. 

For more about Limpy see here or my posts on elk in September and October.
Unfortunately, killing an animal like Limpy that is thoroughly habituated to humans and totally unwary does nothing to enhance the image of hunters in the minds of the vast majority of the public that does not hunt and already might view hunting as a questionable activity. 
Perhaps Limpy’s death and the reaction it may generate will prompt the Pennsylvania Game Commission to enlarge the “no kill” zone within the elk range – but that’s doubtful as long as the Commission derives virtually no revenue from non-hunters, even those who have an abiding interest in wildlife.

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Manuel said...

La cacería tendría que ser selectiva y muy controlada. Por que como tu muy bien dices, es una pena la muerte de este precioso alce, para que una persona presuma de su trofeo, encima de la chimenea de su casa.
Un cordial saludo.