Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bucks and More

Wildlife activity seems to have been pretty low lately – hot humid weather has the same effect on wildlife as it does on us. It hasn’t been extremely hot, but for many days the humidity has been truly oppressive, so I checked my camera traps in the cool of the morning.

Had a couple of photos of a bear –

and an opossum, but surprisingly most of the photos were of bucks, from a young one with small antlers –

To bucks with larger antlers –

The buck in the last picture was even caught in what would have been a regal pose, except he chews with his mouth open.

A few miles away, a camera trap caught a buck that looks almost identical. But it’s not the same deer; even if distance didn’t preclude them from being the same animal, a look at the brow tine on the right antler shows they are different bucks.

The camera trap also caught another buck; this time it was one that was probably less than a month old standing beside his mother.

By zooming in on the photo the tiny buck’s diminutive pedicles can be seen.

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