Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Latest from the Camera Traps

Checked several of my camera traps and found that they've been disappointingly unproductive in the last few weeks. But, they continue to produce some nice photos:

of a young white-tail buck -

and a young black bear -

It's been really dry here for the later part of the summer, with only an occasional small evening thunderstorm. One of those storms apparently caught a black bear when it was near one of the camera traps and the bear proceeded to shake itself as would a dog. The shake was in front of a camera - its flash stopped the water droplets in mid air.

And then there was the camera that only managed to get photos of the webs that spiders had spun in front of the flash and lens. The spiders apparently went to work immediately after the last time I'd changed the card and batteries because all 40+ photos were blurred images of the webs.

1 comment:

  1. I always figure a spell of ho-hum pics will lead to something new, different, or exciting. Your shaking bear is a treat and not something one gets very often. Good work.


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